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Can You Use Hazelnuts To Make Your Own Nutella?

Can You Use Hazelnuts To Make Your Own Nutella?

Nutella is a mouth-watering hazelnut cocoa spread manufactured by Ferrero, an Italian company. This spread is very popular not only among children but adults as well. It has the right blend of sweetness which is enjoyed by children. This spread is commonly used as toppings for breakfast or desserts. Thus most people are trying to look at the possibility of enjoying a homemade Nutella and not buy in groceries anymore.

Have A Taste Of Your Own Nutella

Yes, you can make Nutella in the comfort of your home. You just need quality and complete ingredients to successfully do this. Ingredients are as follows: Cocoa, sugar, and hazelnuts also known as filberts.

  • Roast your nuts using an oven for about 12 to 15 minutes
  • Remove and let it cool
  • Rub it gently to remove the skin of the nut
  • Place the nut in a food processor until it liquefies
  • Add cocoa and sugar
  • Gradually add vanilla, oil, and salt
  • Add in chocolate chips
  • Process more to achieve the right consistency

This homemade Nutella spread will last for two weeks. 

Why Do You Need To Roast The Nut?

You need natural oil to create a creamy consistency, and roasting the nut will release this necessary oil. To manually do this, roasting for a couple of minutes will work and rubbing off the skin afterward. However, if you are feeling a little lazy, look for a roasted less processed nut in the market such as Nutstop to lessen your job. Just rub off excess skin and you’re ready to process.

Homemade Nutella For Better Option

Although Nutella is readily available in the market and it is undeniably delicious, we cannot deny the fact that sugar level is high. Thus, if you make your homemade nutty chocolate spread, you are ensured of the ingredients and have full control over the nutritional value you want.