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Will Rain Gutters Last As Long As The Roof They’re On?

There are many factors to consider before determining how long their gutters will last. The best comparison out there involves measuring the life of the said channel and comparing it to the life of their current roof. The question of when exactly you should get a gutter replacement is important yet volatile to these factors discussed below.

  • The consensus

Considering the materials used to make a gutter and a roof, the surface-level answer is that a roof will last longer than your gutter. However, changes in the current materials used for channels blur their estimated lifespan. Aluminum and steel are the most commonly used materials for gutters. An average gutter without professional maintenance can last 15 to 20 years, while a high-end gutter can last up to 50 years, which makes it on par with the roof.

  • Does maintenance play a factor?

You also have to consider the maintenance efforts put to prolong the lives of these gutters. For example, you gutter may be average in form, but if you always consult and have it cleaned by your local gutter cleaning professionals in your area, then it might last as long as a high-end gutter.

  • The climate

What are do you live in? Poor insulation and ventilation can create for ice dams during spring, for instance, which is detrimental to the gutters. Extreme temperatures will break gutters as well. So, it’s important that if your area experiences extreme weathers, like Rochester, that you consult with gutter cleaning in Rochester NY.

  • When should you have it replaced?

There are actually many factors that scream you should have your gutters replaced already. For one, if the rainwater overflows every time it rains, or when you find broken nails or sagging parts of the gutter in the roof, then you should replace it.

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